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IPC-PL-11-006     IPC Certification Scheme "IPC Management System Auditors", Issue Date 28/10/2017, (This IPC scheme has been endorsed as a sub-scope of the IAF MLA)
Note 1: Personnel Certification provided according to IPC-11-006 shall always make referrence to one of the disciplines included in the scheme appendices.
Note 2: IPC PL-11-006 scheme is open for reading by the parties, but the use of the scheme belongs to the full members of IPC who is signatory of IPC MLA. 
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IPC-PL-14-04      IPC Certification Scheme of "Management System Managers", Issue Date  23/10/2015, Issue 3                  

IPC-PL-14-05      Common Requirements for IPC Certification schemes, Issue Date  17/10/2014

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